मेरो परिचय

मेरो नाम रोशन घिमिरे हो । मेरो स्थाई घर सिन्धुपाल्चोक जिल्लाको चौतारा साँगाचोकगढी नगरपालिका वडा नं. ७ मा पर्छ । हाल म काठमाडौँ महानगरपालिकाको वडा नं. ३२ स्थित पुरानो सिनामंगलको पेप्सीकोला टाउनप्लानिङ्गमा बस्छु । मैले २०७० सालमा जनकपुर ईन्जिनियरिङ्ग कलेजवाट इलेक्ट्रनिक्स एण्ड कम्युनिकेशंस ईन्जिनियरिङ्ग विषयमा स्नातक डिग्री हासिल गरे र मिति २०७० पौष महिना बाट सनफोर्स सोलार कम्पनी, बालाजुमा १ बर्ष आई.एस.पि.एस. ईन्जिनियर (सोलार ईन्जिनियर) को रुपमा कार्य गरी मिति २०७१ पौष १ बाट सङ्घीय मामिला तथा सामान्य प्रशासन मन्त्रालय अन्तर्गत स्थानीय शासन तथा सामुदायिक विकास कार्यक्रमको आई.सि.टि.भोलिन्टियरको रुपमा जिल्ला समन्वय समितिको कार्यालय सिन्धुपाल्चोकमा ३ वर्ष काम गरे । तत् पश्चात म सोहि मन्त्रालय अन्तर्गत प्रादेशिक सहयोग इकाई, धुलिखेलमा मिति २०७४ श्रावण १ बाट आई.टि.अधिकृतको रुपमा २०७४ कार्तिक मसान्त सम्म कार्यरत रही पुनः सिन्धुपाल्चोक जिल्लाको सदरमुकाममा अबस्थित चौतारा साँगाचोकगढी नगरपालिकामा आई.टि.अधिकृतको रुपमा कार्यरत छु ।


“You don’t have to get angry or bitter at the people who don’t believe in your dream; you just have to surprise them with a massive success story. Have you forgotten that you were born to win?”

Hello! I am Roshan Ghimire from Chautara Sangachowkgadhi, Sindhupalchowk. I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2013. The journey of Bachelor’s four years was filled with tears, smiles, laughs and many more. I am thankful for all my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength. “And so the adventure of my life begins.”Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work so I was searching for the job in my own Sector that is in IT Sector. My first working experience was on Solar Company as an ISPS Engineer (Institutional Solar Photovoltaic System Engineer) in Balaju, Kathmandu for the duration of one year. Once I start working, it was really hard to stop or cut back on the income that I was earning. I was not much more satisfied with my Salary and Work. 

I started working on ICTV from 16th December 2014 in Lahan Municipality, then I was transferred to my own district after 3 months in District Development Committee (DDC), Sindhupalchowk. I was so glad to know that I have been transferred to my own District because from my early childhood it was my big dream to do something good for my district which brings a progressive and positive change in the developmental works.One day I saw the job vacancy in a newspaper for the post of ICTV (Information Communication Technology Volunteer) for all of the local bodies of Nepal. Then I planned to fill the form and attend the exam for that post, initially, I was not selected, but my name was on waiting list. One day I got mail from Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP) – II Office, from respected Nagesh Badu Sir i.e. -“You are selected for the post of ICTV in Lahan Municipality, Siraha. From tomorrow your training will be started in Hotel View Bhrikuti, Godavari”……OMG! “Not only do I have hope, but faith in God brings about a miraculous change in my life”. 

I was so happy to know that I have been allocated to Lahan Municipality, Siraha District. I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often. I started working in District Development Committee, Sindhupalchowk from 31st March 2014. When I joined the office Yuvraj Kattel was the Local Development Officer (LDO) and Om Bahadur Khadka was the Account Officer. I was a little bit nervous as well as excited on my very first day but there were hidden blessings from them in every struggle. I was very honest on my work. My hardworking nature for the improvement and development of office in ICT sector was liked and respected by all the staffs. These positive responses and vibrations from all of them give me extraordinary happiness which I have never faced before. Where there is no struggle, there is no strength likewise my unlimited pain and struggles makes me stronger, my tears make me braver and my heart break makes me wiser towards my work. So I am very thankful for the bitter past which changes bitter into the better future.

25th April 2015, a jolly Saturday that people would spend enjoying in Nepal as a public holiday. Many people came out of their houses to enjoy, but something happened that no one had even dreamt of. The earth started showing its wildest anger on our offices and homeland, which left it demolished. Multiple strong shakes killed many people, ruined historic monuments, injured uncountable people and left Sindhupalchowk in chaos. Nepal Earthquake killed around 3,600 people in Sindhupalchowk District only.

Due to the destruction of all the structure of Office, it was very hard for us to work for few month. It feels like crying to see that we were trapped in the ruins. We all lie speechless, deeply saddened because of the epitome of the destruction of all the systems-there were no Internet, no telephone services and no proper shelter to live.  We all stayed in tents for many months.

After few month we have started our regular work. I was very proud to extend my helping hands because I have been allocated as a Focal Person for the data collection of earthquake victims. It was a great moment for me and my entire team to give generous help for the earthquake victims. I have worked for almost 2 years in that Sector by providing the money for earthquake victims, for the reconstruction of their houses. As an IT Engineer, it was my responsibilities to contribute my creativeness in IT field as well. So I also work in different areas like Networking, Website Management/Update of Office, Social Security Data Entry, Group Messaging, WBRS (Web-Based Reporting System), Social Site Update and soon.

After this my good experience in District Development Committee Office, I have been transferred to Regional Support Unit (RSU), Dhulikhel for the post of IT Officer. After completing my three months, I was again transferred to Chautara Sangachowkgadhi Municipality Office on the date of 17th November 2017, which makes me more determined towards my work. Here, we have successfully entered all the Social Security Beneficiaries list in the online system. Similarly, I have been playing the main role for the Selection of IT Officer among various Local Bodies of Sindhupalchowk District.

I am thankful for the LGCDP and MoFALD for giving me this opportunity to work here in this platform which makes my living more convenient and I am hoping for the same love, affection and support from them in upcoming days too.

My life experiences have made me a better person. Despite being so young, I already have a personal breathtaking experience, which I am sure I will carry with me until my last days because there are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.